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Individual Travel Programs

We offer an attractive combination of leisure, social and travel activities.

Avoid crowds of noisy tourists and follow us to discover all that Montenegro has to offer: wonderful beaches, mountains and monasteries, rafting in the North, hidden gem restaurants offering local fresh products. Everything we do has been tried and tested.

Day 1

Airport pick up is available for transfer to the villa in Petrovac, stopping off on the way to purchase local fresh products. Exploring the villa and the surroundings. Enjoy our welcome dinner of grilled meat, fish, seafood and vegetables together with wine tasting of local Montenegrin wine and loza (brandy).

Day 2

Visit the surrounding churches and monasteries, and discover Lucice and Buljarica beach. Dinner in a local restaurant by the sea.

Day 3

Discover Boka Bay during a full-day trip to the Roman city of Kotor and Perast. Swim in Kotor.

Day 4

Rest on the beach and at noon we go to the old fishing village of Virpazar on the shores of Lake Skadar. Enjoy lunch in a cozy restaurant close to the lake, serving national cuisine and excellent fish. Boat trip to Lake Skadar, a densely filled bird-habitat with cormorants, gray herons, pelicans. There are 12th-15th century monasteries on the islands, some of them still active. After the lake-trip there is a small walking tour to visit a local winery, where you can taste delicious local wines and dine on fresh home-cooked food.

Day 5

Catch some sun and relax on the beach, free time. Additional trips are possible upon request.

Day 6

Day-trip to the ancient capital of Montenegro, Cetinje, with its famous monastery and museums. Followed by the mausoleum of Njegos - the last spiritual ruler of Montenegro. This is reached via a beautiful road through the national reserve, and located on the top of the Lovćen mountain, offering spectacular panoramic views and showcasing the mystical power of Montenegro. On the way back you can make a stop for dinner either in Budva or in Tivat.

Day 7

Breakfast - beach, rest. Joint dinner.

Day 8

Breakfast. Airport transfer

Individual Travel Programs

The individual travel program includes 3 full-day (8-10 hours) trips. The sequence of routes will be combined depending on weather conditions and interests of the group (minimum 4 people).

The price includes the payment for the driver (both for the excursion, transfer to the surrounding beaches and airport transfer) and the accompanying expert guide. Not included in the price are breakfasts, lunches, dinners, visits to museums and caves (Approximate price of lunches and dinners varies from 10-20 euros).

250 euros per person.

Additional trips are possible upon request. All possibilities will be discussed during the welcome dinner.

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